Opening the Writer’s Toolshed

Spend enough time bouncing around writing forums and reading writer’s manuals and you will start encountering a lot of the same advice. One of the biggies – at least for me – has been the suggestion that writers learn best by dissecting writing they admire. It works on the principal that a beginning writer’s taste is already good but their execution still sucks. By breaking down and imitating writitng that they find good, new writers find the building blocks of good writing for themselves and therefore incorporate it into their own writing.

So this is my attempt to dissect my favorite books, series and even authors. An attempt to peer under the skin and find the muscles and bones of the stories I love.

I read a lot of books. I mean a lot. That means I have a lot of books to choose from for this project.

I’m hoping to do one of these in-depth posts every other week. I’ll also do reviews of some of my favorite writing tools and update you on any other projects I’m working on.

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