Slipping a stitch

I’ve been working on new socks for winter. I started at least two pairs over the summer, but generally I decided it was too hot to knit or spin so I put them away. Now the weather’s cooled off a tad and out came the knitting needles.

I turned the heels on my City Lights socks and started into the cuffs. I really love how the slip stitch heels turned out. These have come with me to several outings to the park including Wonder Woman this weekend. I hope to have them done in another few weeks so I can wear them before it really gets cold. I’m using the Kebnekaise pattern to highlight the lovely pooling in the yarn. I’ll do one highlighting the blue colors and one highlighting the purples.



I also got my Joyful socks to the point where they’re ready to have their gussets added. They’ll be sit-down socks for a while until I get their heels turned.


Finally, I’ve also finished the singles (see header photo) for my first handspun sock yarn! I can’t wait to ply this, which should happen just as soon as I get some time. This used the Spinning Socks six-pack of Sweet Georgia panda fiber I picked up at the last knit night at Woolyn in Brooklyn. I really can’t wait to see how the plying turns out.



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