On the Medicinal Benefits of Kittens


There’s no denying that the news has been an unending stream of awful this year. Working in social media I don’t really have the option to unplug, so I’ve been combatting the awful by increasing the ammount of kitten content in my personal streams.  I’ve found adding kittens to be immensly helpful. Especially in the last few weeks.

There’s actually reasearch to back this strategy up. Viewing pictures of cute things can make you more productive. Watching cat videos is believed to lower stress and help with anxiety. And a cat’s purr may help lower blood pressure and improve healing in bones, muscles and tendons.

So, that said, here are a few of my favorite kitten resources, if you’re feeling a need for a few kittens yourself.

  • KittenCam: If you can’t make it to Brooklyn Cat Cafe in person, they have a live webcam of their kitten terrarium going most of the time.
  • Written? Kitten: Written Kitten rewards you with a picture of a kitten (or anything else really) every time you write a certain number of words. It’s like Write or Die‘s cute antithisis.
  • Purrli: An online purr generator, great for subtle stress relief or to use as a background noise generator. Use headphones at work though. It meows occasionally.
  • Make America Kittens Again: this Chrome extension replaces images of the orange menace with soothing pictures of kittens. It doesn’t work on all photos, but I’d say it replaces about 80% of them depending on the site.
  • Instagram: @catcafebk, #kittensofinstagram
  • Facebook: LoveMeow, Brooklyn Cat Cafe
  • UPDATE: Twitter: Emergency Kittens

Got any more I should add? Leave me a link in the comments below.


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