Tray-tables up. Socks down!

So, November was a bust as far as writing was concerned. On reflection I’m not surprised. Too much traveling, not enough butt-in-chair time despite several long trips by train, bus, car and airplane. I should have gotten on a boat, just to complete the set.

Still, all that traveling was good for my knitting. I got the City Lights Socks done. Aren’t they pretty? The spirals came out kind of wabi-sabi with one being wider spaced than the other. But they’re extremely cozy. I think I have enough of the yarn left for a baby hat for my co-worker who’s due in January, but we’ll have to see.

I also got to start on my Six Pack Handspun Socks, which will be very chunky when they’re done. I’m back to being worried about the amount of yarn I have for them. I don’t think I’ll stop worrying about it until they’re done.

The Joyful Socks are coming along too, with only the rest of the leg and the cuffs to finish. They are also coming through with a lovely pooling spiral.

With the cold weather arrived, I’m going to push myself to finish these soon as I can. My poor frozen toes need all the warmth they can get.

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