What I’ve Been Reading – 2017 Books Read Spreadsheet

Back at the start of 2015, annoyed with the fact that I couldn’t track rereads on Goodreads, I started keeping a spreadsheet on Google Docs of the books I was reading. I did it partly out of curiosity, exactly how many books was I reading in a year? I hadn’t known since middle school, when we stopped keeping reading logs for school.

2017 marks the third full year of tracking every book, comic book and short story I read. Although Goodreads now tracks re-reads (finally!), I’ve kept up the spreadsheet as well because some things (like the gender of the authors I’m reading) don’t get tracked in Goodreads. I can also make cool graphs. Because graphs!

Anyway, here’s a link to the list of books I read in 2017.

Do you track what you read? If you don’t, do you want to?

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