Snow and Socks

We’re on the third or fourth nor’easter of the month of March and it’s only the 21st as I’m writing this. I’m woefully behind on posting. So behind that I’ve finished two pairs of socks since my last update. Two!

I finished the Joyful Socks first. I made them a bit longer than I normally do (all the way past the toe) and that seems to have worked well. I wore them to my art program at the hospital today and they wear beautifully in my snow boots thanks to the bamboo in the yarn. These also got a classic heelflap heel with increases on the sides. I like the look of this a lot and they seem to fit well. I’ll have to do a wear comparison after a few months of wearing them.

Then I finished my Six Pack Handspun Socks at Maker’s Brunch at Lance and Tara’s. Tara started this thing were they have an open house on the third Saturday of each month and people are invited to bring whatever they’re working on. I typically bring my knitting along. It’s also where we got the idea for and started our Western Cannonball Bookclub Podcast, where a bunch of us who missed those books in school are working our way through the western cannon.

Anyhoo, these socks are really special because they are the first thing I’ve finished with my own handspun! They are so pretty and warm. I’ve got them on my feet right now as it’s snowing buckets outside and it’s just so cozy. They’re also gorgeous with all the striping colors from the mixed up fibre sampler. I talked about spinning the singles all the way back in October here, and plying the yarn here, so it’s really cool to see them all the way to completion. I have a few other knitting things to finish (like a baby hat) and then I want to think about knitting a sweater for the first time. And of course all my needles are now empty of socks. Which means I should probably cast some on.

You can listen to us chat about Gilgamesh here.


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