Snow and Socks

We're on the third or fourth nor'easter of the month of March and it's only the 21st as I'm writing this. I'm woefully behind on posting. So behind that I've finished two pairs of socks since my last update. Two! I finished the Joyful Socks first. I made them a bit longer than I normally … Continue reading Snow and Socks

Tray-tables up. Socks down!

So, November was a bust as far as writing was concerned. On reflection I'm not surprised. Too much traveling, not enough butt-in-chair time despite several long trips by train, bus, car and airplane. I should have gotten on a boat, just to complete the set. Still, all that traveling was good for my knitting. I … Continue reading Tray-tables up. Socks down!

Turning heels

I've made significant progress so far this Socktober. I got the sock yarn all plied and ready for finishing. There's definitely enough for a pair of socks, which I was worried about. Now I'm worried that I didn't ply it tight enough. Guess I'll find out when the socks are worn. Until then I'm incredibly … Continue reading Turning heels