What I’ve Been Reading – November 2017

Where did November go? In fact, what happened to the first week of December? Given how busy I was in November - I was traveling 17 days out of 30 - I'm not surprised it went quickly, or that I got very little reading done. I also didn't win NaNo. But I did get writing … Continue reading What I’ve Been Reading – November 2017

Turning heels

I've made significant progress so far this Socktober. I got the sock yarn all plied and ready for finishing. There's definitely enough for a pair of socks, which I was worried about. Now I'm worried that I didn't ply it tight enough. Guess I'll find out when the socks are worn. Until then I'm incredibly … Continue reading Turning heels

On the Medicinal Benefits of Kittens

https://www.facebook.com/joahy03/videos/1760910693949420/   There's no denying that the news has been an unending stream of awful this year. Working in social media I don't really have the option to unplug, so I've been combatting the awful by increasing the ammount of kitten content in my personal streams.  I've found adding kittens to be immensly helpful. Especially … Continue reading On the Medicinal Benefits of Kittens