Open with your hook – Magic Bites

I'm currently rereading one of my favorite series the Kate Daniels books by Ilona Andrews, who is actually the husband and wife team Gordan and Ilona Andrews. Seriously, if you haven't read these, they're one of the best urban fantasy series on the market, and they have one of the best worldbuilding premises I've come … Continue reading Open with your hook – Magic Bites

What I’ve Been Reading – September 2017

Wow, September went by really fast. I've just taken a look at my reading list and I only read 10 books this month (my average is closer to 15). Some of that I'm sure was catching up on a few animes. But I've also been knitting and spinning quite a bit to get ready for the colder weather.

What I’ve Been Reading – August 2017

August was a lot of catching up on the new releases from last month. I also squeezed in a new series, a few old favorites and my book club book a month early. Despite reading 12 books this month my spreadsheet informs me that I’m actually down a bit in terms of books read this month. I expect that’s because of all the writing I’ve been doing. That said, here’s what I read this month

Give your characters something to fear – First Test and Page

A few weeks ago I was reading a book from a series who's promo text promised “Magic. Romance. Rivals. Perfect for fans of Throne of Glass, Falling Kingdoms, and Tamora Pierce.” And it was feeling familiar. Too familiar. Halfway into the second book I realized why - it had basically the same structure as Tamora Pierce’s Protector of the Small series. Which, in itself, is not inherently bad. But this book was doing it badly. Not awfully, just enough to be subtly, and increasingly, annoying. It got so bad I put the book down.