What I’ve Been Reading – 2017 Books Read Spreadsheet

Back at the start of 2015, annoyed with the fact that I couldn't track rereads on Goodreads, I started keeping a spreadsheet on Google Docs of the books I was reading. I did it partly out of curiosity, exactly how many books was I reading in a year? I hadn't known since middle school, when … Continue reading What I’ve Been Reading – 2017 Books Read Spreadsheet

On the Medicinal Benefits of Kittens

https://www.facebook.com/joahy03/videos/1760910693949420/   There's no denying that the news has been an unending stream of awful this year. Working in social media I don't really have the option to unplug, so I've been combatting the awful by increasing the ammount of kitten content in my personal streams.  I've found adding kittens to be immensly helpful. Especially … Continue reading On the Medicinal Benefits of Kittens

Writer’s Tools – Write or Die

A grab you by the seat of your pants timed writing app that is great for getting words down, just be sure to revise what you’ve written. Screeching Violins and screaming babies a bonus. Splurge for the paid version for even more options and incentives, plus the ability to backup your timed writings so you never lose a word.