Western Cannonball – Gilgamesh and Skinnydipping

Guys, we made a thing! So my awesome friends started a book club and podcast called WESTERN CANNONBALL wherein we are reading  western classics, talking about them over dinner, and podcasting the whole thing. We'll be doing it about once a month. The first podcast is already up on multiple sites (thanks to Lance). The … Continue reading Western Cannonball – Gilgamesh and Skinnydipping

Stop Repeating Yourself – SPI Files

So, we finally get to the  SPI Files novels. The series includes “Lucky Charms” (a short in the Night Shift anthology), The Grendel Affair, The Dragon Conspiracy, The Brimstone Deception, The Ghoul Vendetta, and The Myth Manifestation which came out in January.  They concern the adventures of Makenna Fraiser, Seer and agent for Supernatural Protection and Investigations, an agency protecting … Continue reading Stop Repeating Yourself – SPI Files

On the Medicinal Benefits of Kittens

https://www.facebook.com/joahy03/videos/1760910693949420/   There's no denying that the news has been an unending stream of awful this year. Working in social media I don't really have the option to unplug, so I've been combatting the awful by increasing the ammount of kitten content in my personal streams.  I've found adding kittens to be immensly helpful. Especially … Continue reading On the Medicinal Benefits of Kittens